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3D models…

Guess Who?

3d model of ELON MUSK created for Elon Goat token. Was CNC cut as a plug for aluminum skin to be created by Kevin Stone and then added to rolling public art sculpture.

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when things were Heavy.

HEAVY INDUSTRIES was originally started by four partners in Calgary Alberta Canada 2002 . It was designed to be a world class fabrication shop. Specializing in CNC fabrication, Poly Urea coatings and unique production developments. Cory Porterfield was a key partner. While working as ART DIRECTOR and then Production manager and Vise President Heavy flourished from 3000Sq ft to 26,000sq ft. Cory sold his shares in 2007 and shortly after started a family. Here are a few images from those days!

Largest beaver in Canada for Beaverlodge , AB

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About us…

Starting as a glass studio in 2001, Porterfield Studios Ltd. has quickly grown to provide high quality, affordable and truly out-of- the-box marketing solutions with big impact! With cutting edge design and production facilities, and a creative team of specialists, Porterfield works with its clients to develop and produce marketing and branding strategies from concept all the way through to execution. This allows for a smooth process for customers leading to seamless designs and highly integrated branding. Focusing on new and big ideas, Porterfield’s talented team provides a full range of services including the development of marketing and branding strategies, as well as the production of 3D Custom Sculptures & Models, Auto Decals & Wraps, Airbrush Painting & Murals, Custom 3D Event Décor, Indoor & Outdoor Signs, Retail Design, and Parade Floats. Porterfield’s global production network offers quick turnaround times, while maintaining strict high quality standards.

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